Thursday, May 5, 2011

Anger Is A Battle You Won't Win

by Kris Pitcher

Some things aren't fair. I'm "carb sensitive"...that's not fair. It doesn't mean I am sympathetic to carbs. IT MEANS CARBS MAKE ME FAT!

OK, we can take a deep breath now - because I'm not angry. Being angry about that gets me where? No where. It gets me no where because anger is a battle you won't win. I am not entitled to eat carbs. There's nothing that says, "Thou shalt get to eat pancakes, pizza and pasta daily whilst maintaining a lean body composition."

Harboring resentment against yourself makes no sense to me. Anger against the rest of the world because they can eat [fill in the blank] also makes no sense. So really you are punishing yourself. And when you say it out loud doesn't it just seem silly?

If this is a sticking point for you - regardless of what your food issue is - it's time to let it go. Let those feelings of anger go! Release them! How can you do that when you see other people eating the thing you can't? It's easy.

Go back to your goals and your values. If you want what you want, your actions need to be in line. Simple. It's simple because it's important to you - you value it. You're done being caught up in anger over something that simply doesn't work for you. Stop fighting a losing battle, you deserve to win this one!



  1. My weakness is Reese's pb cups. Just love them. Always have and always will. When they are presented to me while I've mad a strict vow of clean dieting I always say to myself "Cool it, Lace. Its not like that would have been the last pb cup of your life."
    Sometimes I think that is our nature as humans, back to caveman days... we eat ALL of it because its there and it might not be there later. :) Not true.
    Love this post!

  2. I'm gonna borrow your mantra, Lacey! My brain definitely tells me "that's the one chance to eat a cookie ever, so you better eat 10 right now" and I play along. Brain! Those aren't the last cookies on earth! Sticking to my goals should be much more important than eating one of a million of the cookies out there. :)