Friday, May 20, 2011

Break Free From Your Ruts!

by Kris Pitcher

We are absolute creatures of habit. We take the route we're comfortable with and we go to and from the same places day after day. The sun shining on my left knee will attest to the fact that I run my razor in the same path and somehow time after time...miss one single hair with each pass. The long knee hair.

We certainly get in patterns with our workouts. It's called a "rut". The problem with the rut is it impedes our progress. Because of the principle of adaptation, we need to change things up. But that's not my main concern about the long knee hair.

My concern is what are we missing by always doing what we've always done? On a basic level we miss what's just outside our path. The cup of coffee from the place without the giant green logo on the block we don't travel past for instance. Maybe it's better, or different...or the love of your life is there waiting for you. What progress in our lives is being impeded by ruts?

We'll never know if we don't break outside our ruts. If we aren't willing to be slightly uncomfortable to try something we're uncertain of, or go some place where we might get lost along the way...we'll never quite know what all is out there waiting for us.

I'm determined to get that long knee hair no matter what I have to do. What I do know is I'll have to do something different. I already feel a sense of accomplishment and freedom just from the thought of it. What will you do in your life that's different today?  

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