Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Wrong Food, It's Just Not That In To You

by Kris Pitcher

We pay an awful lot of attention to food. It's everywhere. We are constantly surrounded by its images. Look around...billboards, advertisements, fast food restaurants, commercials - all telling us what we should have/want/need to make our lives better. I'll tell you what, it's not important.

Rather, we've placed importance on the wrong foods. Being bombarded with images is tiresome. Flipping through magazines, you clip coupons for things you would never buy...because now you have a coupon. Plus the image of the happy family eating a meal together looks like something you'd like. You don't need it or hamburger helper.

And you know how I feel about the constant barrage of sweets at work. Every other day there are cookies, brownie bites, mini-scones, and the giant Costco cake in the work-room. These things suck the living energy out of us. We walk past them enough times eventually breaking down and eating them only to be left feeling guilty, unsatisfied and out of control.

My point is we give this too much importance. Take the giant cake. It will not be the last cake ever to cross your path. It won't be the final brownie bite ever to come your way either...so, could you just keep walking? Could you stick to your plan and take a rain check on the things you hadn't planned on? I bet you could.

Place the importance on the foods that are in your plan...not the ones that aren't. Put your energy there. The rest - forget it, stop giving it importance and your attention. It's just not that in to you.


  1. Should have read this BEFORE I ordered these fries :-)