Monday, May 2, 2011

Time to Pony Up!

by Kris Pitcher

This cowboy rode high. His jeans were crisp and his shirt untucked...buttoned high to his collar. His hat was firm on his head and as his chin tilted to the sky its brim rose to the heavens. The look on his face was serious, like he meant business. His cowboy hands gripped firm to the front and his boots were planted firmly on the lower rungs as his dad pushed from the other side of the grocery cart.

Sure, this cowboy might have only been five years old...but he was certain of who he is. How certain are you of who you are? Do you ride high and proud where everyone will see you? Or do you take a back seat...

It's time to tilt your hat to the heavens and put your chin to the sky. Drink in the solace of knowing who you are with certainty.

Stop questioning yourself, comparing yourself and wondering if you are good enough. Be certain of what works for you and of who you have chosen to become in this life.

Find peace with your inner self and move ahead being you! Put your cowboy boots on, pony up and go for a ride! Your life is waiting for you!

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