Monday, October 31, 2011

Get Off the Pixie Stick and Back on Track

by Kris Pitcher

OK, let's regroup from what might have been a wicked weekend. You might have woken in a cobweb of slushy memories of overindulgence in the Halloween festivities. And the're not done. Today would be a really good day to have a plan.

There's likely to be a never ending potluck at work today. There will be costumes, way too much candy, and very little work will get done. You will post your status on face book updating us on the various giant cakes and ghostly bowls of punch at the office. People will cruise the counter of food ALL DAY LONG. We won't even talk about the bacterial hazard here, let's just get straight to your plan.

Get your cardio done this morning. Start your day off with some activity. Not a morning exerciser? Fine, but you need to work it in and I don't care if it isn't costume compatible. Do it.

Pack your meals. Be prepared to eat what you are supposed to eat. Don't just plan to eat, eat on schedule. Eating the nutrients you need and are supposed to eat, when you are supposed to eat them will keep you satiated and less likely to dive head first into the bowl of junk. It's not for you, not today.

Brush your teeth after you eat. You are less likely to eat candy if you've brushed your teeth. Chew sugarless gum. This is a great tool. It's hard to chew a mini Three Musketeer's bar AND your gum at the same time. And it's just not very "grown up" looking to stick your gum on your finger while you eat the candy. You weren't going to do that, were you?

Drink your water! Staying hydrated is really important to keeping our munchies at bay. Plus it helps us feel full. Water, not diet sodas and whatever is in that mystery punch.

You can make it through this holiday by following your plan. You may have gotten on the pixie stick this weekend, but it's time to dry out and get back on track. All that sugar is a really bad cycle. You don't need to go crazy and detox or give yourself a yogurt-coffee enema...just eat clean and drink your water. You know the drill, now you've got a plan.

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