Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspiration in Your Big Girl Pants!

by Kris Pitcher

Sunday morning after listening to my husband wheeze and choke as he snored away I stumbled into the kitchen to hunt for inspiration. Knowing I had procrastinated away my Saturday I wasn't looking forward to the days chores. I stood in front of the sink full of dirty dishes looking for my coffee cup. Would I find inspiration in a steeping cup of coffee? I hoped so.

I wasn't excited about the loads of laundry that waited for me, or the dirty blender that stood between me and my first meal. I just wasn't excited. There was a little inspiration in the coffee, and as I hung the first load of laundry I looked around for someone to give me my gold star...nothing.

OK, I realized I was on my own here. I can do this. Dig deep. And that's about how inspiration works. You are on your own to find it. And you have it in you. I have it in me too. It's just not bubbling up right at the surface all the time.

With each task I completed I started to feel better, more clear. I drank my shake and cleaned the blender so it would be ready for Jacques. I washed the dishes and changed out the loads of laundry. I was on a roll. Pretty soon it was time for my next meal. Each "success" helped me feel like I was accomplishing something. I didn't need my gold star for doing what I was supposed to do.

Inspiration toward your health and fitness works exactly the same. It's not going to fall into your lap. You're going to need to find it. You won't necessarily wake up every day and just have it. You might need to dig deep for it. You might need to search for it. You might need to trust that it's there and do what you are supposed to do anyway...knowing inspiration will surface.

And this is about the time of year we need to do that. It's getting dark earlier. It's getting cold. The holidays are upon us which bring all kinds of stress. For a lot of people this is where it all falls apart and they tumble into the depths of holiday gains. This does not have to happen.

Finding inspiration is within you. It was within me on Sunday morning. I just had to let it surface. It was right there. My best advice is stumble into the kitchen and pull up your big girl pants to find your inspiration!


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