Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Motivation, Falling to be Better

by Kris Pitcher

So I fell off the treadmill yesterday morning and as I caught myself I thought, "What am I doing up at 5:00 AM?!" I don't know what happened, my foot just went off the right side, and then my left foot followed and before I knew it I was catching myself.

I scurried back on and found my pace. It was pitch dark outside, my husband was snoring away in the bedroom and my contest was four weeks BEHIND me. Why was I falling off the treadmill at this ungodly hour?

It took me back to a conversation at the gym the night before. A guy asked us how we stay motivated after the show. Good question. GREAT question actually. And because it's a good question it's equal opportunity for blogging fodder.

The first frost had fallen over night and frankly I found myself wishing I was in some long PJ's instead of shorts as I padded my way to lace up my shoes. I was freezing. The cat wouldn't even get out of bed. What makes me get up at the crack way before dawn to do cardio with no contest in sight?

I want to be better. Off-season is all about eating clean, working to stay lean, growing, making improvements, and getting better. The motivation to get my bare legs out of bed is that is what is required in order for me to meet my goals. By doing what is required I make progress, and by making progress...I get better.

It's a big ol' self fulfilling prophecy circle of awesomeness (my technical jargon). The motivation isn't "out there", it's in me. I make it happen for myself. And each of us has to find that motivation internally in order to make this work.

To answer his question, the show isn't the end of the process. It's just one component of being a competitor. Before competition day I'm already thinking about what I want to work on, do differently, bring up in the next off-season. I don't see it as a linear process but as a circular process. There is no end, therefore you continue to be motivated to progress forward.

My 30 minutes went by without further incident. The sun never came up, it was still too early. The cat never woke up either. But I did answer my own question about why I was up at 5:00 AM falling off the treadmill...falling to be better!


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