Friday, October 7, 2011

In Focus

by Kris Pitcher

I stood there looking at my vacuum like I had never seen it before. Now, I have the mother of vacuums. My husband bought me "the good one". Now, this was not a gift...he's not stupid.

But I stood there with it's neck firmly in my grips...and I couldn't remember how to turn it on. I don't mean, it took me a minute. I mean I did not remember how.

I realize during my contest prep I might have let things go a little. And the vacuum was out because Jacques had recently vacuumed. But had it seriously been so long that I didn't remember how to operate the thing?

As I stood there I thought to myself - what you focus on gets done. My focus had been so intent, so deliberate, so pinpointed that I literally let other things go from my brain. When I was done laughing at myself and I got the thing turned on...I vacuumed the heck out of the place.

What is in your focus? What are you paying attention to? Do you have expectations around things, yet you aren't putting focus there? It's worth considering. We can easily get frustrated over not seeing results, except we aren't focusing our efforts on the activities which will get us the changes we want.

Bring the things you want into your focus. Put your energy into the activities that are going to get you what you want. Focus brings results. I know this to be true. Now I can broaden my tunnel vision to include things like vacuuming, and maybe the occasional mop to the floor...although I'm not making any promises.

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