Monday, June 4, 2012

Body Scape

by Kris Pitcher

If your body was a canvas, what would you be painting through your actions? Would you be creating a sketch, or maybe a highly composed portrait, a paint-by-numbers, or a complete abstract?

We don't necessarily think of ourselves as a work of art, and maybe for some that is just counter to belief. It is an analogy worth exploring however as it tells much about how we see ourselves.

Would we be depicting confidence, security and purpose on our canvas? Or would we be wearing away the material from constant erasing of our work? Would we be apologizing for our crude strokes, or would we be (in our analogy) the artist proud to show our work at a gallery opening?

These are simply things to consider about our body scape. If we truly create who we are through our actions it leads me to wonder, what are we creating...

Each choice we make through our day or week molds and shapes who we are literally and figuratively. And as we move along this journey to healthier lifestyles making those choices consciously to create the body scape with intention will bring success.

Your actions and decisions literally shape who you become. No one has a harder or easier time than any one else. Choose with intention, and be the artist of your body scape! 

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