Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Your Walkabout

by Kris Pitcher

Life truly is a journey to behold. As we carry out our day to day lives we sometimes need to wander. We may wander in big ways, or in small ways. And this is your walkabout.

Some travel along the same trajectory and never stray. Others take divergent paths in life which take them places they never would have otherwise experienced. Your walkabout is your way of exploring in life.

A walkabout is a journey, it's an interruption to seek your true path in life, a period of wandering. It's an Australian tradition. I know I've asked you before what you would explore if you were to travel off your life path.

It may be about following a passion, or expanding your career. It may mean pushing your boundaries to invite opportunity. Maybe it's committing to take on a new challenge. Whatever it is, it's your wandering.

I believe it takes courage to go on this journey, it requires independence and belief in yourself. Your walkabout will require you to be bold and be brave. You might be scared, vulnerable, or unsure of what you will find.

But that's the point of wandering. It's being open to possibilities, to opportunity, and to new doors being opened around you. We can never be sure what our walkabout will hold in store for us.

The biggest "what ifs" however seem to be if we don't allow ourselves to go. Enjoy your journey, enjoy your walkabout!

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