Saturday, June 30, 2012

Waiting For Trains

by Kris Pitcher

My morning commute is about eighteen miles. I can take the freeway, or the U.S. state route. I've timed them both, and the state route is often faster. Speeds range from 55MPH to 35MPH, once I hit town.

One morning recently I headed out, sunglasses on ready to concur the day. Low and behold, down come the train crossing signs, flashing lights and a train is coming by. I'm stopped at the tracks and the train whooshes by. It keeps going and going.

The car is in neutral and so is my commute as I watch the minutes tic by. How long is this train? I sit and I sit, the clock ticking closer to starting time and I'm still sitting mere blocks from home.

Now, I could get all excited about it. But I choose not to. After all, waiting for trains takes as long as it takes. And this train was seriously about 17 miles long.

In life we control very little. Much of the time we are sitting, waiting for trains. It gave me time to think about my day as I watched the cars go by at a dizzying pace.

We spend a lot of time getting really excited about things we can't control. I watch this around me all the time. People get really worked up about all sorts of things. Some very small. And I wonder what has happened to perspective?

Whether we are misplacing emotions and energy around issues we cannot effect, or being upset about things that don't truly concern us I can't help but think we've lost perspective. If we save our energy for the things we can control in our lives and stop wasting it on the trains going by we would be much better served.

Focus on the things in your life you can control. Put your energy where you can truly make a difference. Focus on yourself and making improvements where you can. By doing so, you'll be a better more productive, more focused member of the community. Stop getting worked up waiting for trains.

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