Monday, June 18, 2012

My Lengthening Slacks

by Kris Pitcher

I first noticed it with my grey slacks, which I like very much because they are already on the longer side. Catching a glimpse of myself in the generously full length mirror in the ladies room at work, I realized my slacks were grazing the floor. Hmm?

Then I noticed my brownish slacks too were getting longer. Was I getting shorter? What was going on? Sure enough the length of my slacks was gaining toward the floor, closing the gap between my heels and the ground.

Certainly I am not getting shorter. In fact, you may remember my latest trip to the doctor where they told me I'm taller than I have thought for the past twenty or so years. (They might have miss measured.)

As I examined myself closer in the mirror (at work because we don't have a full length mirror at home) I butt is getting smaller! My slacks are no longer being pulled up from the floor by the girth of my behind. They are freeing up to hit the floor!

Holy Cow and Super Wow! Just when you think it's possible nothing is happening - something is happening. And this is why I would love to throw the scale out the front picture window. It's a full size medical scale, imagine the shattering glass and how wonderful the effect would be...

OK, enough theatrics. The point is, I know we all get seriously caught up in the numbers with complete disregard for the changes happening around us. Our bodies are changing. We're feeling more energetic, sleeping better, feeling happier, etc.

What other markers of success are we downplaying due to the number on the scale? Let it go and embrace your lengthening slacks!

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