Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just Dessert - Froyo

by Kris Pitcher

This is one of those topics that may not make me popular. I've never been really I don't care. Remember in the late 1980's and early '90s when Elaine from Seinfield had her love affair with frozen yogurt?

She loved the stuff! She ate it all the time. They went out and got it daily and it was a BIG deal. Frozen yogurt was all the rage at that time. Then Jerry told her that her butt was getting big. Sure enough, her pants were tight and she was getting fat.

But, Elaine denied it was from the frozen yogurt. After all, the yogurt was healthy. Right? Wasn't it supposed to be healthy? Turned was full of sugar and it did indeed make her butt fat. Oh, my, gosh!

Well, as all good fads make a come back - so has frozen yogurt. I have to give it to the marketing of the craze this time around though because now we can serve ourselves. Brilliant! Yes, you can serve yourself as much as you want. And everyone knows...more is better.

But did you know it's still packed with sugar? I'm sure you did, you're pretty smart. And did you know that once it's frozen the good pro-biotic bacteria in it is useless? So, this healthy dessert is really just dessert.

You can try to justify fulfillling your sweet tooth by thinking you're being healthy like Elaine did. But it's often got more sugar than ice cream. And, you can fool yourself into thinking you're getting pro-biotics...but they're not going to be able to do anything for you.

It's true, frozen yogurt is just dessert. It's not healthy, or even better for you than other desserts. Enjoy it in small quantities if it fits into your plan. Just don't be froyo fooled.

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