Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holding Your Compass

by Kris Pitcher

Do you have a life plan? Sure, that's a big question. I believe you choose your life direction. You set your compass.

If that's the case, where are you leading your compass? The plans you set for yourself, your goals, are often impacted by distractions along the way. The way we see those distractions, or how we allow ourselves to explore them, can change our lives.

Sometimes those diversions allow us to learn something new about ourselves. We learn we are capable of something we hadn't considered before. Or, we find we are capable of things we didn't know we could do.

If we hadn't explored that distraction, that diversion, we may never have found our passion. Some explorations simply confirm we are on the right path. They make it easier for us to stay the course.

Either way, we learn about ourselves in the process. Maybe you've forgotten what your life plan was...or you've gone in a completely different direction than you thought you ever would, or maybe you'd like to move in a new direction.

The direction is yours. You are holding the compass. Where will you lead your life?

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