Saturday, June 2, 2012

Do, Not Have

by Kris Pitcher

When we want something, we need to have the right attitude about going after it. It's about do, not have. The mistake we make is thinking about the have, not the do.

It's not surprising really, our attitude is backwards. I'll explain. We think about the outcome of our goal rather than what will get us there. We just want the end result.

Our focus needs to be on the do. On what will get us there, on the process rather than the end result. When we pay attention to the steps along the way, to the "do", the outcome will happen.

We can't help but be successful if we pay attention to the doing, to what steps will get us to our goal. That just makes sense. So why can't we stay focused there?

It's like you see a flashy bright thing and start running toward it...even though you know that quick fix won't last. You know it won't lead you to your goal. I pull you back with information, with science, with the basics. But I turn my back for a minute, and you're running toward the shiny thing.

I'm still here, reminding you about the process, about the doing. I'm still here giving you consistent information, dispelling myths and reminding you that you do have support.

So, today your reminder is about attitude. It's about do, not have. Do the work, do the process, do the things that get you to the goal. The goal comes. It can't help but come when we do the "do".

But the big reminder is we have to do, in order to have. We can't be upset about not meeting our goals, if we're not really doing the work. It's all in our attitude. You can "do" this!


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