Sunday, June 17, 2012

What's Keeping You Fat

by Kris Pitcher

By all means this is a difficult process. The journey is not easy and it requires constant committment. It can be frustrating...disappointing even. And I've figured out what's keeping you fat.

With even the best intentions, "later" is keeping you fat. It dawned on me as I reached for the snooze button. Knowing full well I don't have time to snooze, I had hit the button anyway. I turned off the alarm and got up at 4:25 am to hit the treadmill. There's no time for later.

Letting later into your subconscious, and even your conscious decisions is damaging your progress. You think you'll do it...later.

The problem is that later never comes. You never quite get to it. You're always too busy, there's never quite enough time. Later get's put off until "later".

What you have is right now. You have those 20 seconds to make the decision that now is the time, not later. Now is the time to take action toward your goals. Now is the time to get up on time, to make yourself a priority, to do the things you've said you would do.

Right now is all we really have. Later is always pushed forward. We can always put things off until later, but that's what's keeping you from your own success. Later is keeping you from doing the things right now that you can do to reach your goals.

Keep yourself from believing in later and setting yourself up for continued failure. Do it now. Take advantage of right now to do the things that will take you toward your goals and success. There is no "later", there is just right now.

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