Sunday, June 24, 2012

Miracle Body Challenge!

by Kris Pitcher

It happened in the dairy aisle as I reached for my single serving of strawberry cream flavored Greek yogurt. I was planning my weekly cheat meal and my head was filled with what I was going to do with that yogurt.

She pushed her card toward my hand and said, "I saw you and your husband and you look like you work out." I looked her up and down. She went on, "I thought you might be interested in my product, check out the web site."

"What is it?" I asked her. "I started taking it about 6 months ago," she said, "and it works miracles!" Hmm? I wondered what kind of miracles because frankly, she was not the picture of health.

"But what is it?" I pressed on. "Oh just check out the web site, it has all the information." She smiled. Really, you can't tell me what it is? I figured she didn't know. And I have a feeling I was right. I laughed and put her card in my purse.

I did look at the web site to see what multi-level marketing she was pushing on me in the grocery store. It's some kind of shake, a body challenge, and it touts a "reasonable" price of just $1.78 per serving.

Well, I can tell you all about the shake I use. I can break down what it is, what it's not, how many grams of protein are in it...and it costs me $0.78 per serving. I don't need a fat girl (sorry) in the dairy aisle of the grocery store to try to sell me some crap she doesn't know anything about. She picked the wrong dummy.

She's right, I do look like I work out. Because I do. I am doing a body challenge. I'm on a contest prep diet, and I'll take the stage in about 13 weeks. I could probably sell her a thing or two. In fact, I should have given her my card...

But in the end, I'm not selling anything...I'm not trying to get six people to sign up so I get my stuff for free. I'm not trying to push anything, or accost people in the grocery store to tell them that corn dogs are not a good choice.

You want a body challenge? I can most certainly give you one. It will be based on sound exercise and nutritional science not mumbo jumbo. You can save your money and keep your card!

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  1. Very nice, very TRUE!!! (-: Just say NO to mumbo jumbo, gimmicks & fads, eat your chicken, do work! (-: