Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waist Not

by Kris Pitcher

I was making an afternoon cup of "refreshing peppermint, pure and simple" (that's what the package says) tea in the break room at work when I noticed something. As I was crossing my arms, I slid my hands near my waist.

My waist is shrinking. That pudge that used to creep up over my slacks is no longer there. Then I stopped feeling myself up in the break room and finished making my tea.

Waist not want not - I thought to myself with a smile. See, I've given up many things in my diet this time around which last prep I kept in WAY longer. But I'm not necessarily missing them.

Sometimes we simply want what we want and we aren't willing to give them up, even for change. We are perplexed because we want the change, but we don't want to give up the "thing". We feel like giving up those things isn't fair.

I understand the logic there. However, we can't have it both ways. We can't eat the cupcake, and have the low body fat. (Broad example there...) You get the idea. It isn't about fairness. It's about choosing things that get you to your goals.

We need to be willing to give up certain things to see the changes we want. For me, it was easy when I replaced those things. Instead of having a diet soda in the afternoon, I have herbal tea. It's delicious, I enjoy it. It picks me up and feels like a treat.

If you still want what you want and you aren't ready to give those things up that's fine. It's time to come to terms with your state of readiness. You are not ready to make the changes required. You'll be ready later.

Work on getting ready. Make changes in other areas of your life where you can impact your health. Start taking your vitamins, getting plenty of sleep, and drinking your water. Let your resentment over not being able to do it go. It isn't serving you well.

Move on and you'll be ready at some point to work on one more thing. And that's how we find success, one thing at a time. Start by enjoying a cup of tea, relax and waist not! *Smile!

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