Monday, June 11, 2012

M is for Murder

by Kris Pitcher

My morning began with murder...and I didn't give it a second thought. Confidence overcame me as I watched the water flush down the toilet. I felt proud.

It was early, very early and I was drying my hair when I saw it's big, fat, hairy body. Legs as thick as q-tips it clung to the highest spot where the ceiling rose to the sky-light. My instincts kicked in.

With complete disregard for the importance of the timing involved in completing the task I was involved in, I shut the dryer off and in one fell swoop grabbed the hand towel from the rack. I swung.

It was the size of a quarter. FAT! I missed. No scream escaped my lips as I swung and missed a second time. It dropped on it's silken line. Putting the towel on the counter I grabbed a tissue from the box. I would take this into my own hands.

With a steady hand I cupped the giant, scary, bad spider in that tissue and flushed it. Murder! And then I finished my coffee and dried my hair not waking another sleeping soul in the house.

Sometimes you just have to take care of things yourself. There are times when you have the urge to call in reinforcement, to think you can't do it yourself, or times when you wish someone else would just do it for you.

Guess what? You have to do this yourself. No one can do your cardio for you. No one can stick to your eating plan but you. No one is going to lift your weights for you. No one can make you a priority but you. You have to take this big, hairy thing into your own hands.

The don't need them to. You can do this without crying out for help, without giving in to the urge to just give up on yourself before you even try to take care of it yourself. You've got this. Now, get your day started!

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