Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happily Different

by Kris Pitcher

It's usually at the grocery store where I realize I'm so different. My general path takes me to work and out and about, and to the gym. But it's out in "general public" where I notice the most.

Now, don't get me wrong exercise has not always been a part of my life. But I just can't imagine a life without it now. Yet, the majority of people never do it. They live a life without exercise.

It's intrinsic to who I am. I start my day with it and it helps me focus and clear my mind. I look forward to the time I spend lifting with my husband in the evening. Sacred time together to close out the day.

Exercise leads me to my goals and makes me who I am. I've developed a relationship with it and woven it into my life. It's at the grocery store as I observe an obese, nearly crippled population, that I wonder why most people are so adverse to something I love.

We're all wired differently. We each have different values. And it's my values which drive my actions. What's driving your actions? Your decisions?

I know it isn't for everyone. The same way that scrap booking isn't for me, I can see why exercise isn't for the next guy. But for me, it's more than just a hobby. It's part of who I am.

The beauty of this world is what makes us different. My connection to that makes me feel particularly beautiful today. Happily different...

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  1. Timely, as usual, Kris! This is a must share.