Friday, June 8, 2012

Whoa! Negative Nelly

by Kris Pitcher

I can't help but share a trend I see which interests me. I do actually know a few people who are not on facebook. But most people are and it's an interesting emotional experiment. Never have we been so quick to emodicate.

Doing so can either be good or it can be really interesting for others to read depending on whether your cup is half full or half empty. What I'm seeing is people who have found a forum to co-ruminate.

If you've found the perfect place to talk about your problems all the time, you are ruminating. And isn't it wonderful that you can now attract friends and surround yourself with others who will talk about their problems and confirm how horrible your problems are? It's a big co-ruminating social network.

The problem is that constant negativity is tiresome. Obviously there are plenty of negative Nelly's doing this in their coffee clutches outside of social networking sites. And I seem to remember high school being pretty brutal with the cliques...but social media has given the outlet for open commiseration.

We can now commiserate about problems in a completely open, non-confrontational, highly inappropriate place where we are usually fully supported by another negative Nelly just like us. In the olden days, if you wanted to air trash about someone you'd have to actually say it to them...or pass a note about them, or whisper it out loud. Now, you can just silently type it and wait.

The instant outpouring of support for your crazy problems and trash talking and negativity is all bound up with a bow in the perfect social experiment. And I find it fascinating to watch.

But it does wear on people. They block you, and delete your message. They write a status update that could be about anyone but most specifically is pointed at you. You get in a facebook fight.

So, I guess I'm wondering if it's worth it to go around with the negative Nelly's of the world or if you're just getting sick of it? It's all up to you whether you change it or not. You can only change you, you can't change the followers. You might loose some friends in the process. But, I'm certain you'll find others.

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