Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can I Use That?

by Kris Pitcher

Dear Using Everything at Once Guy/Gal,

I can appreciate your enthusiasm for creativity in your workouts. I'm also impressed with your ability to work at high levels moving from one station to another rapidly in the weight room. Your heavy chest heaving tells me you are completely anaerobic.

Your high box jumps are impressive, I certainly can't jump that high. Especially in such close confines.

You're using everthing at once guy/gal. The problem is...I might want to use a bench too. Oh, and I have to climb over your step with seven risers to get to the water fountain. I'm sure you'll be back to put that away...

I'm all for training for your sport, adding plyometrics, using dynamic versatility and the whole nine yards. I know you'll extend the same courtesy when I'm super-setting.  I just hope you won't mind if I work in - I'd let you do the same.

We'll all get along just fine. I'm just letting you know we'd all like for you to put your things away when your done; try to help us not trip over them; don't be surprised when others would like to use some of the things you've got in your 5 station circuit; and keep the path to the water fountain clear.

Thanks and happy training!

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