Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Contest Prep On The Road

by Kris Pitcher

Can you stay on track when you're traveling? Oh, yes you sure can! I am a consummate contest prep traveler and my recent business trip put all my skills to the test.

It begins with finding the right place to stay. I prefer a hotel where I can have a mini refrigerator and a microwave. If they have a fitness "center" that's a bonus too. Center means room with a few pieces of cardio in it. But it will get your day started. This preference means I don't stay at the Hilton.

Next, know your neighborhood. Get online and find a grocery store,  and a gym - the basics. Now it's time to get in the kitchen before you leave home and do some work. Food prep is essential. Take it with you or you're stuck. For me, at this stage in the game...I want food I can control. The hotel does a complimentary breakfast where I could get an egg white omelet. But, I want to know exactly how many eggs, how it's cooked, with what etc.

I prepped my meals by cooking, weighing and bagging them. (You might want to buy stock in zipper bags.) Then they go in the deep freezer. I froze one day's worth. The remaining half day on one end of travel was packed in my Pyrex containers just like I'd take meals to work. The half day on the other end, bagged and ready.

Frozen veggies - I grabbed those too. So, now I've got essentially everything I need for my trip. I have a soft-sided cooler which I can carry over my shoulder. It fits under the seat in front of me on the plane. I put the frozen bags in there, all the others, the veggies, the meals in Pyrex, and throw a few small ice packs on top.

I pick the small ice packs because I'm going to fit them in a small lunch bag sized thermal bag that I'm also bringing along. With that I can throw up to three meals in the car, or in my bag for "on the go". I am all set for a full day of meetings and visits. You have to think ahead and be prepared.

You can always pick up a salad, or get veggies on the road. But having exactly what you need requires planning and packing ahead. I'm all set for two and a half days of contest prep eating on the, I hope I packed my underwear!?

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  1. This blog was VERY helpful! I generally have a horrible time with eating when traveling. You have made it now possible to continue my routine without a hitch. Thank you