Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Law of Attraction

by Kris Pitcher

I believe you get what you give, more or less. The puzzling thing about this philosophy is the timing isn't always aligned the way we'd like. Maybe another way to look at it is what comes around goes around...eventually.

If looking at the glass half full makes me an optimist then so be it. I just have to believe what you put in comes back. If I didn't...well I'd just be another grump. And who needs that?

Your disposition draws energy to you. Depending on what you put out, you attract. You've heard of the law of attraction? You might as well put out good energy and see what comes your way.

People get frustrated when the "good" doesn't come right away, or when the results aren't immediate. But like I said, the timing isn't always aligned exactly how we'd like. This doesn't mean we quit. It means we re-group. We take stock and figure out our plan...we keep doing the right things to get us to our goal.

Who or what then is getting the best of you? And who are you giving the best you to? Managing the energy you give to others (and to yourself) is an important component of success. Sometimes we have to sit back and look at what we're putting out - what we're giving, in order to evaluate what we think we're getting.

You have the choice to be accountable for your "law of attraction" in the world. Did you ever notice how some people just seem to make things happen? Now is your time to make things happen, by attracting them to you. All you need to do is give what you'd like in return.

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