Friday, August 26, 2011

Spinning - What Comes Around Goes Around

by Kris Pitcher

Each year the fitness industry predicts what trends will be popular. Guess what's coming back around in 2012...spinning! Indoor cycling was huge for a while. Huge!

Classes were packed, instructors were golden and class participants were like caged dogs waiting to get their slot. Studios popped up everywhere, jersey clad clip-clopping cyclists were running rampant through gyms all across the nation. And then...

And then it fell out of fashion, or everyone went back outside to ride. The trend went by the wayside. Now, a trend is different from a fad. A fad comes and goes quickly. Trends have a different bell curve.

Get those Johnny G's dusted off because the prediction in the tea leaves is indoor cycling is coming back. One of the great things about group cycling is you can instruct to a variety of different levels of riders in one class. Everyone doesn't have to ride with the same resistance or cadence. Each person can essentially control their heart rate at a level appropriate for themselves.

You can guide the group through the same type of ride; steady state, interval, maximal, mixed, relaxed, name it. But each person works at their own level. What happened and maybe this is why the classes emptied out, is that it became one big competition to see who could push the hardest. Bad instructor. Bad.

Back in the day, (here we go aging ourselves - or is it just me) I loved instructing cycling classes. The participants loved my classes, thought I was hard-core. They didn't know where my resistance was. It was practically OFF. It was their workout, not mine.

So, what comes around goes around and spinning is making it's come back. Get your padded shorts out and give it a whirl! It might just be the next big thing.

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