Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dear Food Diary

by Kris Pitcher

Dear Food Diary,
It's not that I've forgotten about you...I just thought I didn't need you. You see, everything was going so well when I was using you. So, I quit you.

No, no you're right - we were good together. When we were together I was tracking everything I was eating. I. Mean. Everything. Weighing, measuring, writing it down and I got so good at it.

My confidence went way up when I could eyeball 4oz. of chicken...I know it's silly. I continued to weigh it anyway just to make sure.

Yes, the results were good. You kept me accountable, thinking about my choices and planning ahead for social situations. You've got me there, my progress was...great. Day in and day out I knew you'd be there to keep me honest and moving toward my goals. We were close friends.

Now that we've grown apart...I feel kind of lost. I feel a little out of control actually. Without you I'm not really doing what I know I should be doing. Which makes me mad because I was doing so well. Now my pants are snug again and I feel like I'm going in circles.

What? You mean you'd just take me back? After I quit you like that? I do want to come's funny, but I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders already and we haven't even "officially" gotten back together. I just know how you make me feel. Is it OK to cry because you're happy? I'm coming back today, I've missed you...

I love you food diary,


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