Friday, August 5, 2011

Time For Abs!

by Kris Pitcher

I've been thinking I should start working my abs. Abdominals that is. Let's review our anatomy first.

Basically we have the rectus abdominus, which runs vertically from our sternum to our pubic bone (stop laughing). Then we have our obliques (internal and external) which criss-cross our sides, and beneath the rectus abdominus (your six-pack) lies the transverse abdominus. It's the deepest of the muscles. It runs horizontally like a cumber bun...remember your prom date?

This is a great exercise from ACE Fitness and works the "heart" of your core - plus I like it because I can lie down. In fact, I'm feeling a little sleepy. OK, focus people!

Visit ACE for complete instructions on how to perform the Supine Hollowing...

Supine Hollowing with Lower Extremity Movements - Abs - Get Fit Exercise Library - American Council on Exercise

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