Monday, August 15, 2011

Cheat? Who Me?

by Kris Pitcher

As I sat at my desk eating my (cold) fish and broccoli my colleague asked me a great question. She said, "Do you ever cheat on your diet, or do you always stick to it?"

2011 will be better!
The answer was easy for me, but I know it's difficult for a lot of people...competitors included. I know competitors who really struggle. Translation: they find themselves elbow deep in the Adams peanut butter jar with a giant lollipop sized spoonful of naughtiness. Over and over and over again.

They call their coach/trainer in tears and need to be "talked down" or out of their derailment. But this question made me think of a number of things. Foremost, I'm the only one accountable to myself (and I feel very accountable to my coach). I'm also very committed to bringing my best to the stage.

When I begin this process, I am all in. It would be a lot of work to only sort of do your best. While my diet is very strict, I am not starving. I don't feel terribly deprived - I get used to eating what I "get to" eat (because it gets me to my goal). I don't have wild cravings. You already know I look forward to my weekly re-feed meal.

I'm also eating a fair amount of food and I eat frequently. In fact, I eat more than most people around me - just differently. I am also proud of my progress. The progress is motivating and that keeps me on track. It's a big ol' positive reinforcement deal. Behavior begets results, results drive behavior.

I am also driven by the fact that my competition, the dedicated ladies who will be standing next to me on stage, are also doing their best every day...and I want to do better.

"Nope. I never cheat," I said. "I'm the only one on stage in my VERY tiny posing suit on contest day. I'm accountable to that." And I never do cheat. I don't even think about it.


  1. Great for you!!! I do cheat, but only one meal a week..with that adding bread!! My favorite!

  2. Great for my motivation and just on time! I am fitting into clothing that I have had since 2007, that is has never been worn. Thanks!

    Star Waters