Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't Think Just Lift - No Limits

by Kris Pitcher

I notice something in myself when I train with my coach and training partner. I work harder. A lot harder. Training by myself just isn't the same. There are a couple of things happening worth noting.

Me at Quads Gym!
When you train with someone you can push beyond your limits. Pushing beyond physical limits is an obvious benefit. Having someone to spot you is really important. You've got to be able to trust that person is going to be there for you. Your spotter is there to assist through those last couple of reps, and to make sure you're using good solid form.

Finding that perfect workout partner, or personal trainer is key. It's a relationship that will move your training to the next level. When I lift by myself, I'm kind of stuck lifting what I know I can lift. Without the help of my partner...I'm on my own.

It's the encouragement, and our undeniable urge to please other people though that really makes this work. My coach helps me move past my mental limits in the gym. He helps me not to think...just to lift. I know he's got my back, and I can sort of let it go and just do the work. I always do. That's how you get stronger.  

Lift through your physical and mental limits by finding the perfect personal trainer. You won't believe the value of your partnership and the changes it will make in your workouts. It's amazing what a "no limits" attitude can do.

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