Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's Called Personal Hygiene!

by Kris Pitcher

Some things are personal. Like personal hygiene for instance. It's personal for a reason. You should be doing these things...IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN BATHROOM.

I know we all see a lot of things in the car we wish we could un-see. People shave, brush their teeth, floss (even I wouldn't do that), put on their make-up and so on in the car while they are driving no less. I realize we are saving time here, but it's hard to un-see you with your hands jammed up in your mouth making that crazy face.

Now, at the gym we'd expect you to think you were in a more public space than your car. But no. Somehow you think the gym is a good place to take care of things like clipping your nails, picking your skin, your nose or leaving your hang-nails on the counter.

Please don't leave your hang-nails on the counter. You know how your own dirt is OK, but other people's dirt is gross. This is one of those cases. I'll be the first to house could be A LOT cleaner. But, I'm a little short on time, and it's my own dirt.

I would never come to your house and clip and file my nails on your couch. There are certain rules for personal hygiene which some people just don't follow. Hmm. I don't get it.

So, here's your public service announcement: Please take care of personal hygiene in the privacy of your own bathroom, at home. Thank you. You're not 8 years old.

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