Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Blocks vs. Big Dreams

by Kris Pitcher

When life throws you a loop, you've got to keep working your plan. There will most certainly always be bumps along the way. Nothing is smooth...sorry to break it to you.

Whether you are training for an event, planning your wedding, trying to get through school...what ever your goal - you'll have road blocks. Hiccups. It's part of life.

The way you handle them, and allow them to affect you determines your ultimate success. Successful people deal with their road blocks. We can use this stress as motivation to buckle down, pull up our bootstraps - or fill in what ever little saying you like. It's our opportunity to continue down our path.

What's the alternative? We could just give up. OK, I give up! I'll just quit. I'll eat cupcakes and stop going to the gym because my schedule got messed up for a day or two.

Now, that wouldn't make sense would it. We do what we can and we keep working toward our goal. Not if, but when something happens to get in the way of our big dream we have to keep going. We have to keep doing the things we already planned to do. Way off track? Guess what...just get back on.

Pick those good habits right back up. We all come across bumps in the road. Being able to work our way through and around them is what makes some of us successful and some not so much. The beauty is you decide your success in that situation. There is always a way around a situation. Always.

Keep working toward your goals no matter how small each step may feel. We're not taking leaping bounds toward our goals...we're taking tiny steps day in and day out. It happens over time. And we've got nothing but time when it comes to making our dreams come true. Get out there and make yours happen!

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