Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Enough

by Kris Pitcher

We play the "what if" game a lot in our lives. So, what if...and this is going to be a stretch here, but what if you were good enough? I'm not sure if you got the whole gist of that.

What if you were good enough not to feel discounted by others? Not to question whether you deserved something good in your life. What if you believed you were good enough to be rewarded for your hard work, to accept compliments, to stand up for yourself. What if?

It's my theory that something happens in our lives, or things, and our sense of self begins to chip away. We carry that into adulthood - we're fragile, our confidence shot. It's time to take back our confidence. We are good enough.

Listen to the people around you. What are they saying? Those compliments you hear, that's not just lip service. Those things are true about you. It's time for you to accept those truths, and thank the people giving them. Thank you! Say it with me, "Thank you!" (nothing comes after..."but I really didn't deserve that...") Just - Thank you!

There's no need to discount, discredit, or dishonor who you are. You are good enough. It's time to accept and own that. What ever has chipped away at your sense of self can be let go of. You can be done with it.

Here's a what if for you. What if you did own that you are good enough? I can see that you want to, because sometimes you do. Do it more, do it all the time. It's not such a stretch after all.

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