Monday, December 26, 2011

Addicted Lips!

by Kris Pitcher

I don't usually like to admit it when I'm "addicted" to something. Addicted is a strong word in my opinion. To be physically and psychologically dependant on something is pretty serious. And that's what's got me worried.

It's that darn Dr. Oz. He asked me these simple questions:

  1. Is it the first thing you reach for after you brush your teeth or have a nice long kiss? YES!
  2. Do you have them stashed in multiple places? YES! My purse, my drawers at home, at work, in pockets, in the car...
  3. Do you apply it more than three times a day? UM, YES! I need it all the time!
I am addicted to lip balm! It isn't just me either, it was half his audience and most people I know. Maybe I'm just hanging around the wrong crowd...but most people want moist supple lips. 

Here's the thing, if I don't have it my lips are chapped, dry, they split open and bleed. Is that the alternative? He says no. But he says I have to kick the habit. So, I'm trying it his way. He suggests coconut oil/butter, or shea butter.

Well, I happened to have coconut oil in the refrigerator. As I opened my drawer for a little screw top pot to put some in, there was my lip balm...with it's SPF and everything. Did I really have to give it up? I shut the drawer quickly.

I put some coconut oil in the purple screw top pot and plunked it in my purse after applying some to my already dry lips. Nice. But we'll see. We were out into the cold dry air and off to the gym. I had to reapply on the ride there. Hmm?

The problem is, as Dr. Oz describes it, that the under layer of our dermis doesn't have the chance to reproduce at the rate it would like. The lip balm basically crusts over the top layer and stops the under layers from rejuvenating. Maybe, but my lips are about to crack open if I crack a smile here. 

By the end of day one I felt like crusty the sea creature. I certainly didn't apply any lipstick, it would have looked a mess. And now I'm on to day two of this charade. 

Honestly I'm not sure how long I'll last before I'm back to my old habits. I wonder if there a twelve step for my addicted lips?  

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