Monday, December 19, 2011

Feed The Spirit & Fill The Soul - It's Holiday Party Time!

by Kris Pitcher

I had the pleasure of going to a holiday party this weekend. We don't have a lot of social engagements...even this time of year. And even when we do, I'm often wondering ahead of time how I'll manage myself once I'm there.

What will I be able/willing to eat? Should I bring my own food? Will anyone notice if I decide not to drink alcohol? The typical stuff that runs through your head as you game plan a tricky food management situation.

But this party was special. This party was lots of competitor friends. You can bet we enjoyed the holiday festivities especially those who are counting down until their contest diets begin in January.

The greatest part was the food! Tons of healthy (and indulgent too) choices, a number of different protein packed meat dishes, and even healthy salsas. It's fun to get together with people who love to eat and appreciate great food.

Being able to make mindful choices this time of year, and all year, is critical to staying on track. You can do really well at most any party by looking for good choices. Find the protein, indulge in the beautiful vegetable tray, limit the layered dips and the carby crackers, and watch the sweets. Find yourself a handful of nuts, and have a non-alcoholic beverage for every adult beverage you enjoy.

Enjoy the company, the conversation and the laughter. The food is just one aspect of the party. Have fun this holiday season and enjoy the spirit of it all. Spending time with good friends feeds the spirit and fills the soul.

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