Friday, December 9, 2011

My Gas Station Breakfast

by Kris Pitcher

I was gassing up the other morning and I saw a man walk out of the convenience store with a food container and a cup of coffee. As I finished pumping my gas I wondered...what does the gas station mini mart have for breakfast?!

One of the biggest roadblocks for people is convenience. Right? Well, with my cooler packed full of my days meals nestled in the backseat (no, I didn't put a seat belt on it!) I thought - what would I do for breakfast if I didn't bring it with me?

I looked left, then right...secured my gas cap and went right into the mart. They have about 35 flavors of coffee mate. Did you know there were so many flavors? Well, you can skip that - it's full of stuff you don't want. The whole place is full of stuff you don't want!

But there were a few things that might work in a pinch. They did have hard boiled eggs. They also had packages of sandwich meat. I wasn't sure about that meat...I would leave it. But the eggs would be a "go". Various hot items in the case...a big no.

What else? Packages of nuts. That could work if I could eat a portion of the package. I suppose I could put them in the trunk. Then there's the beef jerky. They always have that. Luckily, with these items I am not concerned about my sodium intake.

They also had a basket of assorted pieces of fruit. Interesting...gas station fruit. I would definitely choose the banana - thickest skin. And they have the requisite bottled water in various sizes from the $3 eight oz. to the .99 gallon. You choose.

So, my gas station breakfast were I forced to rely on "convenience" might include hard boiled eggs, roasted almonds, beef jerky, a banana and a gallon of water. Don't forget the cup of BLACK coffee. And I'd be out of there for around $15. Boy, was I glad to have my cooler!

But you can make do in a pinch. Making the right choices is up to you. You have to see through all the amazingly unworthy items to find the few that might work for you. Now, gas up and go!

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