Thursday, December 15, 2011

On Thin Ice

by Kris Pitcher

I woke up to a tiny skiff of snow. A skiff is less than an inch...a dusting. Frankly, I was hoping to be completely snowed in so I wouldn't have be able to go to work. Let's just say I'd had a "professionally challenging" (crappy) day the previous day. But that's another story.

So, I hit the treadmill and went about my normal morning routine. As I packed the car for my drive to work I grabbed my heavy snow boots which I usually keep in the trunk for emergencies. I should have done it sooner, but we haven't really had any snow to speak of.

I waved to my husband, who could see me from the window as he walked on the treadmill, as I pulled out of the driveway. I made my way down our street slowly, then made my left turn onto the next street. With my blinker on I downshifted to make my right turn...the engine slowed, then I punched it around the corner.

I wanted to see if it was icy. Nothing. Held the curve and straightened right out. But I could have been on thin ice. I think a lot of us are on thin ice with our expectations.

On the surface they sound OK to us. But right underneath things are a little shaky. Just beneath the surface they don't quite make sense. Maybe the science doesn't quite hold.

When we say them to ourselves they make sense. Right? But when we put them out there to other people, or say them out loud...a little less confident. We need to have our expectations on solid ground in order to be successful and not face disappointment.

I was lucky when I punched it that my tires held, that there wasn't ice beneath me. Sure I could have corrected out...but it's better if you don't have to. And when we set our goals and expectations we shouldn't "punch it" either. We should be realistic, use science as our guide and understand limitations and realistic time lines.

As you look to the New Year and setting new goals and expectations keep yourself off thin ice. Set yourself up for success with expectations that are grounded.

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  1. This year I am not going to expect my body to look like a Pro bikini girl everyday. It just isn't. I like food and I think I'm okay with that. ;)