Saturday, December 17, 2011

What Jane Fonda Says

by Kris Pitcher

Jane Fonda says exercise changes your head, not just your body. She couldn't be more right. It changes your head more than your body most days. It's why we feel so good after we're done. Exercise is a great mood elevator.

Even she admits she doesn't always love it. No one does. But it's the way we feel after that keeps us going, keeps us doing it day after day. I've never been sorry after I finished my exercise.

Not once have I thought, "Geeze, I wish I hadn't done that." It's more like, "Wow! Am I glad I did that!" Even on the days when I have to talk myself through my cardio minute by minute...I am proud when I'm done. "That wasn't so hard!"

It changes your head. Exercise literally releases serotonin, our feel good hormone. This signals our brain to be happy. A little cardio in the morning will set your day off on the right foot. It will put you in the happy mood!

There are plenty of times when I leave work and announce to my colleagues that I'm going for my "treadmill therapy" and that's no joke. I feel better once I'm at the gym. A few minutes of cardio before I lift and I am a different person. It changes your head. We all need that.

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