Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Mantra

by Kris Pitcher

It seems like some days I hear it in my head more than others. The tray of assorted Christmas cookies I can walk away from in the work room. The random left overs from meetings, no problem. But there are certain things I see in there I really want.

I'm picky...don't get me wrong. A food snob really, but self-admitted. And as the season rolls by so do the treats in the office. Many of them are not worth my time, others do catch my eye.

My mantra, "Those are not for me." I say it over and over. Many of you know this to be true. I had a day of saying it earlier this week when faced with double chocolate chewy cookies. It's the chewy - OK and the double chocolate that gets me.

The things in my cooler are for me. The chicken and broccoli I was heating up when I saw those cookies...that's for me. And why? Because I have goals. Sure, I may be "off season" but that doesn't mean anything goes.

My choice to repeat the mantra and eat what I was supposed to eat felt good. I am as it turns out, in control of my choices. And so are you. Use a mantra if you need it. It's a tool that works to remind you of your goals. If something isn't working for you to get you toward your goals...it's not for you.

I'll use this tool a lot over the next few weeks as the holidays surround me. I'll use it as good intentioned people bring their home made treats into the office to spread the holiday spirit (and my rear). My mantra will keep me strong and in control of my choices, "Those are not for me." *Smile*

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