Thursday, December 22, 2011

Put Down Your Cape

by Kris Pitcher

With Hanukkah under way and Christmas right around the corner there's something going around I think you should be aware of. The symptoms start out mild but progress quite rapidly.

It seems to start with mild to moderate confusion leading to outright delusions. This is often accompanied by short attention span, loss of concentration, and a tendency toward distraction.

These symptoms progress to fatigue, loss of appetite...or over eating, and difficulty forming thoughts. This is followed by raised temper, and eventually in-fighting. The problem is you have "Super Woman Syndrome".

Super Woman Syndrome is a combination of characteristics including: a long "to do" list, big expectations for the perfect holiday, too many traditions, over spending, no one to help you, and not enough time.

I sent one Christmas card this year. One. I've talked to countless people who are having frazzled fits over the stuff they're not getting done in time for the holidays. I'll tell you what - it doesn't matter.

You don't have to be Super Woman. You don't have to hand make all your gifts, bake twelve kinds of cookies, host the neighborhood gift exchange party, take something to the office potluck, and hand write 200 cards. You don't have to have the most lights on the block, or the biggest tree. You don't have to give the most amazing gift he/she will ever have received in their entire life.

Do the things that matter. Keep your sanity. Spend time with the people you love. Send the cards that are important. Bake your favorite cookie. Let the symptoms subside, feel the calm, and enjoy the spirit of the holiday.

Put your slippers on, slow things down and...put down your cape.

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