Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coasting Is Illegal

by Kris Pitcher

For those of you who drive you should know that coasting is illegal in most states. You are not allowed to put your car in neutral and coast to a stop or down a hill, or at all. You. Can't. Coast.

For those of you who are cyclists, you coast all the time. Spin that big gear, get up some speed and let 'er fly! I'm not going to be a prude here, or a lyer...I coast in my car. What can I say, I'm livin' on the edge.

But I don't coast in my eating or my workouts during "off season". There really is no off season. The reason you cannot coast in your car is you are technically not in control of your vehicle because your engine is not engaged.

Hmm? So if you're coasting along in your program are you engaged and in control? Good question. There are times when we are more or less engaged and that's just life ebbing and flowing. We're human, that's normal.

It might be unreasonable however to coast and expect to be able to disengage, yet have or keep the same result. This is where we tend to get tripped up. We make great progress...then we coast. And all of a sudden we're surprised when our tummy is folding over itself while we're sitting on the couch.

So maybe coasting in health and fitness shouldn't be illegal, it should just be like cycling where we have to turn the gear every now and then to keep moving. Which I guess wouldn't really be coasting at all - it would be moving slowly.

Keep things moving for yourself even if it's ever so slowly. And if you are coasting expect that you might lose some of the progress you've made. Coasting is after all illegal in most states.

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