Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Static Cling, Too Extreme?

by Kris Pitcher

I could have been taking things to extremest measures when at the last minute I put on a slip for my slip. I was running out the door when I realized my dress was clinging to my tights between my knee high boots and the point on my thighs at which my full slip ended.

In the cold dry air I knew that seven inch gap was going to be a big problem. Rushing out to a community breakfast where I would be representing my institution...I needed a slip for my slip. So, I carefully stepped into the second slip boots and all and was out the door.

We often take our exercise or dieting efforts to extreme measures without a second thought. But even those of us who exceed the bounds of moderation can spot a true wacko a mile a way. We see it a lot in this industry. Extremism and wackos that is.

Maybe I'm a skeptic because I'm cautious of someone who's got something to sell me. Or maybe I tend to question someone who is convinced their way is the only way. But I'm certainly wary of the person who is way off to the end of the spectrum on an issue.

There is a lot of information to sift through, and many ways of doing things. Science backs our choices and informs our decisions about which methods we choose. We shouldn't follow extremists, their fads, or their magic "programs", "potions", or "protocols".

Sometimes you need a slip for your slip (when the conditions are just right) and most of the time you don't. Know where you are on the spectrum and watch for extremists trying to get you to drink the cool aid. When you understand the science you can make your own decisions.

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