Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get EXACTLY the Results You Want

by Kris Pitcher

Holy smokes people let me give you a tip! When you are submitting your resume for a job...write your resume to the specific skill set sought after for that job. Seems simple doesn't it? I have the great fortune to sit on a search committee for a position within the university and let me tell you, I am lucky to not have poked my own eyes out.

Specificity people! But instead of poking my eyes out...I've come to you to relate my life experience to what matters. Our workouts. Same goes for our workouts. You remember the law of specificity?

You don't get great pecs by doing the leg press. You get great pecs by directly working the chest. We need to enact the law of specificity to our weight training, to our cardio, and even to our nutrition. Especially our nutrition!

As you are thinking about your goals it's helpful to think in terms of specificity. Successfully meeting your goals will require using the laws of specificity to your advantage. If your actions, or training, toward your goals aren't'll never get there. Make sense?

Specificity means training actions that will directly effect the muscle or system you intend to improve. It means overload to the muscle you want to enact a response in. We can do that in a variety of ways, angles, etc. to keep things progressive.

To become a better runner You don't swim. That is specificity. When our plan incorporates the law of specificity we more quickly meet our goals. Then what? Well, then we reassess and make new goals! Don't forget the law of specificity in your training. It's what will get you exactly the results you want.

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