Friday, December 30, 2011

Your Last Hurrah!

by Kris Pitcher

We've just about made it through the holiday season but there's one more big one coming. It's time to ring in the New Year! And for those of us staring down January 2nd (it's a Monday after all) as our "start" date. This is our last hurrah!

I've got some rules to follow for your party going success and I expect you to plan ahead. You plan your outfit, your accessories, your nail polish and your shoes. Especially the shoes, right? So, let's plan the important stuff too.

Eat before you go to the party. That's right eat your lean protein, dark green leafy veggies, and complex carbohydrate meal just before you leave for the party. You're going to drink a nice big glass of water with that.

If you're taking an item to the party, take something you can enjoy. Take a veggie tray, a meat tray, or a hummus dip. You can also take sparkling flavored water, or club soda.

Plan to enjoy the people, the fun, the conversation and the laughter...the food buffet is just one component of the party. You don't have to park yourself there. You know the drill with the drinks too.

Enjoy an adult beverage, if you have a designated driver. And have a glass of water with a wedge of lime after. No one cares what you drink. Keep in mind a glass of champagne has about 90 calories while that hot buttered rum has 415, the cosmo has 213, and that 10oz. margarita has a whopping 740 calories. Don't even look at the eggnog.

And you don't have to over indulge just because it's your last hurrah. Enjoy yourself but don't wear your stretch pants just so you can stuff yourself. You still have to do the work come January 2nd.

Ring in the New Year with a plan of action. Have a great time, find someone to kiss at midnight and enjoy yourself! It's your last hurrah!

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