Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why I Only Shaved Half Of One Leg

by Kris Pitcher

Confession: I haven't shaved my legs since we got home from Miami on Thanksgiving...FOUR WEEKS AGO! Now, I wasn't trying to go all "survivor" or anything. It's just a few days turned into a week. And then a week into two and so on.

Don't worry...I kept more "frequently exposed" areas in order. Like my armpits for example (this is a family blog). I mean I don't want to be doing my overhead shoulder presses and have a ruckus in the gym or anything.

And frankly, until I confessed to my husband...he didn't notice. It's winter - the season of tights after all. But then when I put my legs over his lap on the couch and let him have a look...well, hilarity ensued.

The thing is, sometimes projects just get overwhelming. And that's why I only shaved half of one leg this morning. It's too cold to stay in the shower to get the whole job done. It takes too long. Brrr!

So I decided I needed to finally tackle the project. But I needed to break it down. I needed to figure out how to get it done in smaller increments. And our health and fitness goals are just the same. When we think about them in their entirety, sometimes they are just too big to tackle.

But when we break them down, we can do a little bit each day toward meeting our goals. So, by Wednesday my legs will be silky smooth. And then I'll start all over so things don't get so out of hand.

When you think about the things you want, or the things you wish you could do - just break them down into reasonable attainable goals. Just make them happen. You can do it by starting today!

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