Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sorry For What?

by Kris Pitcher

You're sorry? Sorry for what?! When I see you out at social engagements...you do not owe me an explanation. I am not the food police. I am also not the cocktail police. I am not counting how many trips you've made to the buffet table or the champagne fountain.

You don't have to explain how you're going to work off what ever you're indulging in, or go into some strange story about how this extra party food fits into your plan. Just. Eat. It.

See, the thing is you are your conscience. Not me. It frankly makes me feel awkward. I smile and nod and tell you to enjoy yourself. I tell you it's all about balance this time of year. Yadda. Yadda.

And the point, there is nothing to apologize for. Nothing. Just enjoy yourself and your choices. Let the guilt go. Stop looking over your shoulder for the party police. They don't exist.

Make your choices, and then enjoy them. Stop feeling like you need to sneak around or apologize. I know you're a normal person. We all are normal people - give or take.

Be your own conscience. Don't put that on any external force. Sure accountability is a great thing. We are all accountable to others in our support system. But mostly, we're accountable to ourselves.

Enjoy yourself in moderation. Eat what you're supposed to eat most of the time. Don't get sideways with your exercise. Make time for yourself. Tis the season! Enjoy it, it's your choice.

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