Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adjusting Workout Expectations

by Kris Pitcher

There are times when we need to be able to adjust the intensity of our workouts. We get sick. We have crazy work schedules. We have a night when we don't sleep well.

Many things happen that effect our energy level. It is OK to adjust our workout level to accommodate those kinds of fluctuations. We don't have to give 110% every workout, every time. It's not realistic.

One of the major reasons is we need rest. Recovery and rest is as much a part of our progress as our workouts. And if we are sick, we could use a lighter workout, or a rest day.

Getting your head around that is the tough part. You don't have to run wind sprints up the stadium stairs in the pouring rain when you have the flu. Sound crazy? But I think I've seen you shivering in your car in the parking lot.

Adjusting expectations around intensity is about perspective. More isn't always better. Harder, more intense isn't always the answer. If you've had a rough week and haven't slept well on top of a grueling work schedule...give yourself a break.

Getting some good rest while taking your workouts down a notch will get you further ahead in the long run. And that's what this is...a long run.

And if you can't make these mental adjustments on your own, check in with someone who can help you make those decisions. Bounce it off someone who can give you good advice before you go doing something crazy. Sometimes all you need is a little support to do what you know you need to.

Remember that these life situations are temporary too. Sickness goes away. Stressful things become easier. Life becomes more balanced. When they do, we can pick up our intense workouts once again. Oh, and by the're human.

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