Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Short Pants

by Kris Pitcher

I was walking through the office and caught a glimpse of myself in a large window. My pants looked kind of short. I'm not a tall person, so I like my pants to be a little on the long side.

In the ladies room, where there is a full length mirror, I checked my pant length again. A little short. Hmm? What was going on with my slacks? Were they shortening in the wash? And then it struck me like a ton of bricks...

My butt is getting bigger! That's right. My butt is getting bigger and it's bringing the hem up in my slacks! I'll be darned!

This is crap, I thought. What's the deal? I am hell bent on not growing out of my 6's this off season. I've increased my cardio...my mind was racing trying to figure out what was happening. And then I got that sinking feeling. I think it's guilt?

Maybe it's the few raisins I popped in my mouth every now and then...or the "little" bowl of ice cream I might have with my husband in the evening. Truth be told, I've been slacking.

I've been enjoying my off season. I've been a little off plan on Saturdays, which used to be all "on track" for me. It's turned into a cheat-ish day, rather than just a cheat meal.

So, I'm destined to get the hem of my slacks back on the floor. And that means getting my butt in gear, in shape, downsized etc.

It happens to all of us. If you've gotten a little off track, get back on. I'm no different. A few bites here and there and pretty soon...you've got short pants. Don't let your pants creep up on you! 

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