Sunday, March 18, 2012

Check Engine Light

by Kris Pitcher

I've had a good run of at least three days with my check engine light off. That's right, off. I drive a Volkswagen, so if my check engine light isn't on...I'm worried.

If you're not familiar, the joke is that a VW's check engine light is on so often that a true aficionado might get a check engine tattoo. It's just always on.

It's purpose though is to warn us of something we need to pay attention to. And I'm wondering about your "check engine" light. Are there things going on you should be paying attention to? Any signs or symptoms you've been ignoring?

Having recently changed jobs, I've been faced with finding a new doctor. Not as easy as it sounds. But, I have found one and now I've got my "new patient" appointment so that I can establish a relationship. My objective is to get connected before I actually need something.

But then I started thinking about my internal check engine light. So, I started my little list. I think I have a wart on my toe they can freeze off. (I know, you thought I was perfect...sorry.) And I should check my moles...I know moles are gross too, but I'm fair skinned and we have melanoma in my family.

When was the last time you had a check up? Ladies, have you had your mammogram? Did you know that cervical cancer is very treatable, but only if it's detected? And how about that prostate guys?

We need to make sure we are getting our basic screenings done on the appropriate schedule. Pay attention to your internal check engine light. If something doesn't seem right, or isn't sitting well with you - get it checked out.


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