Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Of The Diet

by Kris Pitcher

We finally watched March Of The Penguins. We might have been the last people to watch it, but there we sat riveted to the TV screen. If you haven't seen it, you need to.

There were times when we were both in tears watching as the penguins fought against all odds to try to bring one small life to fruition. When it was over we felt a little exhausted, sad and then we laughed and hugged some more. Damn those penguins.

But it really made me think about the odds stacked against us in our pursuits of weight management. We fight against the elements, we are exposed, and our chances of survival are minimal at best.

We have to huddle together to fight the wind, the storms, and the cupcakes. We have to stand strong against the driving snow, the icy conditions and the many pot lucks. Only some of us will survive the season, to make it one more year.

Those of us that do will trudge on, sticking to our goals...doing what we know will keep us on the path of weight management. But the road is not easy. We're like penguins marching home.  

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