Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beach Body Ready!

by Kris Pitcher

In a recent poll, 50% of men said they felt they were "beach body ready". Well, I can take one look around at the gym, which is 10% of the general population, and out of every single person in there...7 men might be beach body ready.

And ladies, we're only slightly more realistic. We felt like 67% of us were ready to hit the beach in our bikinis. I'll tell you one thing. I. Am. Not. One. Of. You.

No pressure, but summer is coming and fast. We don't tend to think about it until it's right upon us. Now, for those of you lucky enough to live where you don't know the joys of owning snow're probably the ones already ready.

The rest of us are hiding under our sweaters hoping no one will notice we're not exactly beach body ready. One observation I have made when I am at the beach, it doesn't matter.

There are so many different bodies at the beach that it just doesn't matter what you look like. Someone will be leaner, larger, rounder, bustier, flatter, flabbier, tanner, you name's at the beach.

So, I just thought I'd get us thinking about getting ourselves ready for those bikinis (not you guys...). We might want to get a jump on getting ready in time for May or June. I have hope, after all, that summer is on it's way. 

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